Our ‘Cops & Robbers’ Driving Event is designed to create an innovative experience developing valuable skills and a sense of achievement, transferable to the workplace. Achieved through driving and ‘real life’ scenarios, created to challenge and test each individuals and their team. We can customise the event to underpin your key values.

We coach people to develop their elite mental skills to cope with pressure whilst working in a ‘risky’ environment, enhancing numerous qualities, including:

- Situational Awareness
- Decision-Making
- Remaining Calm Under Pressure
- Confidence
- Teamwork

Blanket covering vision

Clients work together, in teams, developing their core driving skills, including:

- Skid Control
- High Speed Reversing
- Forward and Reverse Slalom
- Steering Techniques
- Driving with Loss of Vision
- J-Turns (fastest way to spin a car 180°).

Team change over

“The time spent with the team at SpeedSkills far exceeded my expectations…a superb team building day, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I feel more confident on the road in adverse weather and in potentially aggressive traffic.”

Ellie Bermudez


In Brief:

- Introduction
- Safety Briefing
- Understeer/Oversteer
- Forward and Reverse Slalom
- High Speed Reversing
- J-Turns
- Team Competition
- Operational Challenge
- Cops Vs. Robbers
- Final De-Brief
- Certificates and Awards

(Lasts approx. 6 hours)


That can be included are:

- On-Road Advanced Driving Demonstration
- On-Road Advanced Driving Instruction
- Vehicle and/or classroom based tasks and scenarios, designed to develop clinical reasoning and teamwork skills (which can be conducted under competition conditions).


Provided by SpeedSkills:

- Breakfast roll
- Light refreshments through day
- Hot and cold drinks through day
- Buffet Lunch
- All equipment and vehicles
- Insurance
- Certificates and Awards

We are able to tailor this package to suit your requirements at one of the most exclusive driving events in the UK. Book your Team Building Activity Event to give your guests a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Groups typically between 6-18.
For additional information, rates or larger groups, please contact us.