We have experience of providing Security Driver Training in various parts of the world, including Africa and the Middle East. Whether you are looking for On-Road Advanced Driving or Full-Blown Escape and Evasion Training we can assist you in developing suitable programmes and courses.

Mick with his group of students in Nigeria

Elements which can be covered, include:

- Advanced driving skills
- Escape and evasion techniques (see below)
- Pick up and set down techniques
- Route planning and reconnaissance
- Convoy driving
- Use of non-verbal communications

- Develop Standing Operating Procedures 


Escape and Evasions technique:

o Skid control
o J-Turns (including restricted length and width)
o Controlled high speed reversing
o Forward and reverse slalom
o Ramming
o Vehicle drills

Future development and maintenance plans can be produced, if required.
Contact us for further information.