We have experience of providing Security Driver Training in various parts of the world, including Africa and the Middle East. Whether you are looking for On-Road Advanced Driving or Full-Blown Escape and Evasion Training we can assist you in developing suitable programmes and courses.

Mick with his group of students in Nigeria

Elements which can be covered, include:

- Advanced driving skills
- Escape and evasion techniques (see below)
- Pick up and set down techniques
- Route planning and reconnaissance
- Convoy driving
- Use of non-verbal communications

- Develop Standing Operating Procedures 


Escape and Evasions technique:

oSkid control
oJ-Turns (including restricted length and width)
oControlled high speed reversing
oForward and reverse slalom
oVehicle drills

Future development and maintenance plans can be produced, if required.
Contact us for further information.