"Mick Croome is the best Driver Trainer that I have ever seen, he is a Metropolitan Police Trained Instructor. He has one of the rare qualities to be a fantastic Motorcyclist (Six Day Trial competitor at the highest level) and Instructor to many students both from the UK Police, Security Services, Foreign Police and other Government Agencies. He is also a fantastic Car Instructor Ex Hendon Driving School, who was part of the Anti Hi-Jack Wing that his father (Roger) started. He has a calm nature that is somehow transferred to his students, he is one of those Riders that comes up your inside as you are going around a Right Hander and beckons you to go even quicker and glides past you!! If you want an exceptional Instructor and a calm and confident manner, then speedSkills are the company for you, with Mick Croome"

Paul Monk, retired member of MPS (2014)

"The most important thing you learn on a Metropolitan Police Protection Course, is that "Doing nothing is never an option". These were the words of Constable Mick Croome our host for the day at Hendon..." - Top Gear Magazine (Feb. 2006)

Michael Croome


Director & Chief Instructor

Mick retired from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as a Sergeant in the Special Escort Group (SEG), where he was Head of Training and Staff Development.

He qualified as a advanced Police Driving Instructor in 1996 and has continued to teach these skills ever since.

During his service Mick worked at Hendon Driving School instructing advanced cars, motorcycles, armoured vehicles and was promoted to the officer in charge of National Protection Driver Training. This training was provided to all police drivers employed in a protection role, including Royalty Protection and Special Branch Officers.

Mick transferred to the SEG who are responsible for the safe vehicular movements of protected persons and high value / risk property. Most of their work is armed and involves either motorcycle or car escorts. Mick has worked on numerous operations including the State Visit of President Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, Nelson Mandela and HRH The Queen. In the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics he developed, organised and conducted all the national motorcycle training for all visiting police officers.

Mick has taught protection driver training to local drivers in hostile environments, assessing them and developing their own SOP’s, contingency plans and driving skills for both the police and speedSkills. He has conducted training across the UK, Middle East & Africa.