Advanced drivers account for less than 5% of all UK motorists.

Whether you wish to stand out from the crowd and move up the ‘most wanted’ list regarding professional drivers, or are just interested in improving your driving ability and knowledge, we can help you develop your skills while having fun.

All our Instructors are ex-Metropolitan Police Advanced Drivers and Instructors, they have the experience, and wisdom, to see what is limiting people and suggest the simplest tips, that makes the biggest difference to their driving.

In our opinion, the single most important element when developing your driving skills is enjoyment – to that end, we actively encourage all drivers, whatever their age or experience.

As long as you have a driving licence we guarantee to bring you on a journey of discovery, opening up the world around you, highlighting potential and real hazards, and planning accordingly.

The result is a positive driving experience where you can enjoy the benefits of improved awareness, increased road safety, and vehicle and passenger sympathy.

We are able to provide driving Instructors and vehicles (if required) for a full or half days training.

"The training I got at SpeedSkills definitely played a role in my development as an advanced driver, as it taught me essential skills in car control and helped to remove my hesitation on England's roads. Most importantly, it boosted my passion for driving, as that is one thing we are sure to be infected with during a day with you guys!"

For additional information or rates, please contact us.