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“Mick is one of the most professional people I have been lucky enough to work with. He is an expert in defensive driving and motorcycling, and his enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment in passing his excellent skills onto students of all levels, is always a pleasure to behold. In my personal opinion he’s the best in his many fields of expertise by a mile.”

Martin File, retired member Met. Police SEG (2014)


Do you have responsibility for moving protected/vulnerable people or high risk/value loads?

Do you need a team of employees to be trained in the techniques and tactics of vehicle escorting?

Special Escort Group

Whether using motorcycles or cars, armed or unarmed, overt or covert, there are a number of methods that can greatly reduce the dangers and likelihood of an attack or incident taking place. The overall package, required to ensure that everyone is as safe and prepared as possible, includes:
- Contingency Plans
- Driving Techniques & Tactics
- Team Work
- Roles & Responsibilities
- Proportional Response
- Legal Rights

Forward slalom

We are able to draw on over 20 years of operational protection escorting duties as members of the Met. Police Special Escort Group (SEG), which is responsible for the safe vehicular movement of high value loads, protected witnesses, dangerous criminals and various protected principals and members of the Royal Family.

Michael Croome

Mick Croome was a member of the SEG for 9 years, responsible for all training and staff development and worked alongside the Firearms unit developing and training the SEG tactics and Standard Operating Practices (SOP’s). We can develop suitable methods and SOP’s to fit in with your exact requirements and circumstances.